Vadara Countertops

Vadara is a quartz -based material that’s widely used in many kitchens across America. It is composed of 93% quartz and the rest are components that make it more durable. These stone slabs are famous for their attractive designs and colors, and Vadara has become a favorite in the interior design world. Not to mention, Vadara seems to withstand natural wear and tear.

Vadara has many advantages over natural stone such as durability, strength, consistency, and cleaning efficiency. It’s a top-notch design material indeed. It offers greater consistency and comes in many stunning patterns and designs.

Vadara counters don’t require additional care and are easy to clean with water and soap. You can scrape away any sticky substance like food, gum, and even nail polish, and you won’t see any marks on the surface. It is a long-lasting investment that would surely appeal to any home design aficionado.

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