Phylrich Plumbing Fixtures

For more than 60 years, Phylrich has been creating and hand-crafting luxurious bathroom accessories. It’s determined to be a trendsetter and influencer in the decorative plumbing niche.

Phylrich plumbing fixtures are crafted using unique materials like sodalite, crystal, marble, and onyx. They all feature hand polished finishes that are not only elegant but durable as well. Our fixtures are assembled by hand from start to finish.

Phylrich produces the highest level of quality and sophistication in their accessories through plating, assembling, and polishing all their own products. You can select from all of their high quality shower heads, lavatory faucets, bar faucets, kitchen faucets, bidets, tub fillers, and accessories including soap dishes, door lever hardware, towel rings, towel bars, and robe hooks.

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