Major Appliances

Major Appliances

Most technological break breakthroughs on appliances happened after the invention of the light bulb by Thomas Edison in 1879. Fast forward to a few decades later and the electric iron and the Thor, the first electric washing machine was introduced. A few years later, the first moveable vacuum cleaner was created in 1905.

Three years later, the first electric coffee makers were invented, and in 1910, the in-home electric fridge, electric stove, and radios were available in the market. Up to this day, major appliances are still a big part of our daily lives.

A home isn’t complete without the appliances that make our lives easier. Most of us can’t start our day without drinking coffee or eating toast. During summer, we use our air conditioning units to stay cool and comfortable. Therefore, it pays to choose only the best appliances so we can enjoy living our lives for years to come.

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